My Stances

To the people of GA-14,

Serving you would be the highest honor, and I want you to know exactly what I’ll fight for on behalf of our district. If you’ll trust me with your vote, I will always serve as an advocate for our district, and I will faithfully fight for the following:

        • A government that works for the people – one that is transparent, fiscally responsible, and accountable to the people
        • A country that cherishes, not compromises, our freedoms including the Second Amendment, the right to life, our freedom of religion, and freedom of speech
        • An education system that elevates student success to lifetime success, regardless of background or circumstance
        • A free, competitive market that enables the American dream, encourages businesses to thrive, and expands businesses and jobs across the district
        • A strong district, state, and country that prioritizes national security by securing our border, finishing the wall, reclaiming our global authority and position of strength, and tightening our cyber security
        • Less taxes to let families invest in their future instead of in the government
        • Rein in government spending and stop creating generational debt
        • Access to affordable, high quality healthcare where medical visits and prescriptions don’t break the bank

God bless,


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Protect our Constitutional Freedoms

Jennifer will always fight to protect our constitutional freedoms – for our gun rights, the right to life, free speech, and freedom of religion.

    • Second Amendment: The constitution says it best: “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Jennifer is a staunch advocate for our Second Amendment rights and supports constitutional carry as well as state reciprocity.
    • Right to Life: Jennifer is unapologetically pro-life, believing that every life has dignity and value. As a member of Congress, she will fight to defend the unborn and foster a culture of life in America that ensures every child has the opportunity to reach their God-given potential

As a small business owner, Jennifer understands the challenges created by governmental red tape that businesses face every day.

Jennifer will fight to free Georgia entrepreneurs from burdensome regulations and high taxes that strangle prosperity and innovation.


Agriculture brings over $1B to GA-14[1] and provides essential crops and livestock to the state and nation. Food security is national security. We must enable farmers and ranchers to maintain successful operations and continue providing essential sources locally.


Energy independence

Energy independence is not only important for our economy, it is crucial for our national security.

We must restore America’s focus on energy independence to strengthen our economic standing, open and finish our pipelines, and prevent our allies from being dependent on our adversaries.

Military and Veterans

Jennifer proudly supports both our active duty and veteran military men and women. We must modernize our military, strengthen our national defense, and maintain our commitments to veterans who bravely served our country.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Jennifer stands with our Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety individuals who bravely put their lives on the line every day.

We must continue to fund law enforcement and ensure access to proper resources and training.

National Security

We need to prioritize our national security; the federal government needs to focus on its core responsibilities to protect our country.

Secure the border, build the wall, and reclaim our international standing with peace through strength.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation that is being terrorized by the Putin regime. Americans know that Russia is the aggressor and the sole cause of this crisis. Over the last few weeks, we have all seen the atrocities being committed by Russia against the people of Ukraine, including the bombings of residential buildings, missiles directed toward maternity hospitals, threats of chemical warfare, and more. And despite the evidence, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is actively serving as a megaphone for Putin and communist Russia, parroting his talking points, belittling Ukrainian freedom fighters, and weakening our own national security.

For years, Vladimir Putin has made his intentions known with regard to Ukraine. In 2014, he sent Russian troops to invade and occupy government buildings in the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. Once secured, they held questionable elections to claim reunification with Russia. Despite false claims from Russia, the global community still recognizes Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Ukraine must not fall to Russia. I do not support putting American troops on the ground, however. The free people of Ukraine have shown tenacity and strength during this ordeal and continue to stand toe-to-toe with the Russian military.

The United States does have a critical role to play in supporting Ukraine’s independence. It is imperative the United States and our NATO allies continue to impose strict sanctions on Russia and provide Ukraine with humanitarian and military equipment assistance. The United States can – and should – sell weaponry and aircraft to the Ukrainian government so they can protect themselves. To defeat Putin we must make his occupation of Ukraine more painful and costly than he ever imagined it could be.

At the same time, we must bolster our security at home. I was deeply disappointed with the Democrats’ initial budget proposal which cut military funding during this tumultuous time. I also strongly condemn President Biden’s attacks on American energy. On day one, he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and instead supported the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, which would move oil between Russia and Germany, thereby strengthening the energy partnership between Europe and Russia. It is time to renew American energy dominance. Doing so would not only boost and protect our own economy, but bolster our national security and strengthen our global alliances.

President Reagan’s principle of “peace through strength” reigns as true today as it did during the initial breakup of Communism and the Soviet Union. It’s time to strengthen our defenses and those of our allies, reclaim our energy independence, and stand united against Communism and Russian tyranny.


Israel is our closest Middle East ally and a beacon of democratic values in a tumultuous corner of the globe.

I will vehemently defend the reality that America has a vital national security interest in supporting our ally Israel, a strong economic interest as trading partners, and a moral responsibility to defend Israel’s right to exist.

Israel is our closest Middle East ally and a beacon of democratic values in a tumultuous corner of the globe. Our security interests are closely intertwined. My strong support for maintaining and strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship is among the many reasons I decided to challenge incumbent Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

Congresswoman Greene’s misguided comments about the Holocaust show how uninformed and ill-prepared she is to be a leader in Congress on defending our critical alliance with Israel. It is just one example of many instances where our current congresswoman has embarrassed herself and most Georgians.

Israel has been a vital ally to the United States in our most challenging moments for decades, and Israel’s strength provides an essential deterrent to those in the region who threaten U.S. security. Israel and the United States must continue to collaborate in the fight to defeat Islamic extremists and stop Iranian aggression. We share best practices on border security, collaborate on military technologies, train our
troops together, and strengthen each other’s economies. This security alliance is essential to both of our nations.

The bond with Israel runs deeper than a military alliance. As Christians, my husband and I are raising our son to know about Moses, Abraham, and David as well as Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. As he matures we want him to understand the role Israel and Judaism play in Christian scriptures, one the foundation for the other. As Christians, I believe America is called to protect Israel and God’s people. Both of my grandfathers served in the military, and my brother was in the Marines and deployed overseas. My mother worked directly with Israelis as a leader for a company that built reactive armor for U.S. military tanks. When I see Israel attacked by Iran, Islamic extremists, supporters of the BDS movement, and others, I feel the attack on a personal level as well.

I will always vehemently defend the reality that America has a vital national security interest in supporting our ally Israel, a strong economic interest as trading partners, and a moral responsibility to defend Israel’s right to exist.

The Essential Qualitative Military Edge for Israel
Israel doesn’t have just one dangerous neighbor. It exists in a very dangerous part of the world. Therefore, we must make sure our ally has the ability to defend itself against those who want to see democracy crumbled and Israel “wiped off the map.”

If elected, I will not waiver on the fact that our long-standing commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge (QME) must be maintained. In addition to protecting the Israeli people, our cooperation to develop superior technology, intelligence, weaponry, tactics, training, cyber defense, and other factors deters regional aggression, keeping both Israel and the United States safer.

America’s commitment to Israel’s QME has resulted in the successful development of systems like the Iron Dome, our partnership on the F-35 program, and other mutually beneficial technological breakthroughs. That’s why I also support the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between our countries. Providing Israel with continued security assistance from the U.S. prevents more costly
interventions. The technologies and know-how developed by Israel and shared with the U.S. helps keep Americans safe.

Christian Persecution
With Israel’s nearly 200,000 Christians as the exception, Middle East Christian communities are being destroyed by daily threats of terror attacks, imprisonment, and even execution. If I’m elected, I will raise awareness of the worsening plight of Middle East Christians and work to protect The Holy Land, the shared birthplace of the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Jerusalem, the Eternal and Indivisible Capital City
Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel, and it should remain its indivisible capital going forward. President Trump was right to finally enforce the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, moving America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I support current congressional efforts to prevent any reversal on this issue.

Sovereignty of Israel Over the Golan Heights
I support recognizing the Golan Heights as part of the State of Israel, and in Congress, I will oppose efforts to alter that policy. I will also work to pass legislation clarifying that it is U.S. policy to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Iranian Aggression and Expansionism
Israel and the United States continue to share a common enemy: Iran. As their leaders cry “Death to America,” there is no question Iran’s threats are immediate. We need more American leaders who will call attention to Iran’s ongoing, deplorable abuses of human rights.

Under no circumstances must Iran be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. I oppose the flawed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and efforts to re-join that agreement or a similar one. Our policy should be one of prevention, not deterrence. The U.S. should continue applying maximum economic pressure and taking appropriate military action, when necessary, to temper the Iranian regime’s aggressive behavior. Economic sanctions are essential and should not cease until Iran’s leaders prove a willingness to stop their terroristic behavior and destructive actions in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, and elsewhere.

Palestinian Negotiations and The Peace Process
In working toward a solution, Israel has continually sought peace and made meaningful concessions. Nonetheless, its people endure the ruthless violence of Hamas, Hezbollah, and others. Freeing Israel of such violence and acknowledging its right to exist as a Jewish state are necessary for a lasting two-state agreement. Direct, bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians would be the best way forward to achieve that goal. While the U.N. and other international bodies must refrain from imposing their own solution, I will support America’s role as mediators in negotiations in working towards a twostate agreement with the Palestinians.

The success of Israeli-U.S. diplomatic efforts with Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and other nations to formally normalize relations is encouraging, and I will do anything that helps to encourage and assist continued cooperation that could lead to lasting peace, including supporting the Israel Relations Normalization Act of 2021, the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act, and the Taylor Force Act which is named for an American victim of Palestinian “pay to slay” practices in Israel. The Palestinians must end the practice of financially incentivizing attacks on innocent Israelis, and the Palestinian Authority should receive no more funding from the United States until that happens.

Economic Threats and Boycotts
I strongly oppose the anti-Semitic Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and efforts to undermine Israel’s legitimate right to exist as a sovereign nation. Economic strength in Israel is a boon to global security. The BDS movement fuels global anti-Semitism and must be defeated. I support the Israel Anti-Boycott Act and believe more should be done to push back against those who would boycott Israel. Additionally, more Members of Congress should acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of American jobs created through our alliance with Israel, and I will do that if elected.

The United Nations
As a sovereign nation, Israel has the right to defend itself from violent threats. It should not be condemned by the United Nations for appropriately exercising that essential right when necessary. Unfortunately, the UN has increasingly been used by Israel’s enemies as a forum for launching false
attacks. We must continue to leverage U.S. influence to correct the record on behalf of our ally. The U.S. must lead the way in holding the UN accountable for the failures of its own agencies, particularly when they empower groups like Hamas and Hezbollah while denying Israel’s very right to


“Israel must never be expected to jeopardize her security.” – Margaret Thatcher

Israel is a sovereign nation, a critical ally, and a beacon of democracy in the Middle East. As a member of Congress, I will never ask Israel to jeopardize its security.

America cannot afford to close our window into the Middle East. By choosing to stand with Israel, we support the continued growth of democracy; we support the freedom of religion, speech, and assembly; we support the promise of liberty that America has come to represent. Now more than ever before, our friendship with Israel must be unwavering.

Government Spending

Washington has run out of our money and now they’re creating generational debt for our future generations. Government can’t do everything for everyone.

Jennifer supports a Balanced Budget Amendment and the No-Budget/No-Pay Act to force Congress to do its job.


We need access to affordable, high quality healthcare where medical visits and prescriptions don’t break the bank. This is possible if we enable a free market and keep patients at the center.


Inflation costs the average family $5,200 per year. As a member of Congress, Jennifer will use her business experience to get inflation under control, address the supply chain crisis, and get workers back to work.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Commerce across our district depends upon effective transportation and sound infrastructure (via roads, bridges, rails, ports, airports, and broadband) to keep businesses and people moving.


Our schools have become too politicized, too sexualized, and too focused on educational bureaucracy over the needs of our kids. As someone who worked her way through college eventually earning her doctorate degree,

Jennifer believes quality public education should be available to every American child, regardless of income or zip code. She also believes in personal responsibility and does not support government bail-out for student loans.

Your Support Counts